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Aquavita - Day 8 lunar new year at sea

We saw another ARC boat on the AIS in the morning, Serendipity IV. That means they were within 5-10nm of us. We had a nice chat on the VHS radio. It's always good to "bump" into another boat in the fleet.

Today is Chinese New Year. Via satellite phone I could call home and wish my parents a happy CNY. Though it's old technology, I'm still amazed that even in the middle of the big ocean we can still keep in touch like (almost) normal. It's traditional to make dumplings with the whole family for CNY, and I do in fact have all the ingredients to make dumplings. On one of those calm days with a flat sea, we'll take the time to make dumplings during the passage.

This was also our last mother and son watch as the watch shifts would rotate again tomorrow, making my shift in the middle of the night which wouldn't be suitable for Jason. We watched and marvelled at the starry canopy of the night sky as usual, but made the mistake of lying on the sunbed for too long. We fell asleep just twenty minutes before the end of my shift. Asleep on the job! Well, there's a first time for everything.

Author: Yvette

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