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Blue Moon - day 6 blue moon

The day started early at 6am with a mesmerizing soulrise . My sister cooked up eggs with bacon while i was helming the boat in 20 knots of gusty wind.  As soon as the next watch woke up, we prepared for the gybe. With Wayne and Katleen on the bow the gybe went smoothly because we didn’t even wake up our skipper . At the moment we wanted to take a long waited nap, the skipper called all hands on deck for Mathias to climb into the mast.
Suddenly Sergio yelled out ‘we caught a fish!’. It was a beautiful Mahi Mahi with green yellow blue color. Sergio had a big smile on his face because the fine tuning of the fishing line and long waiting, finally paid off. When Mathias killed it, it turned blue.
Meanwhile Wayne went for a quick shower on deck.
After cleaning and storing the fish on deck on a rough sea, it was time for the next action: climbing the mast. To get Matthias up we got four people on the winch  and used two lines, one was the halyard and the other the safety line. The skipper was trying to maneuver the boat into the waves to have it as balanced as possible. As an alpine guide, Matthias made this climbing task seem like a piece of cake. The halyard was attached again to the mast with a hard shackle .
After safely descending, we could finely hoist the gennaker. The hoist didn’t go as planned and got twisted around. After the second hoist we could start my favorite part of the day.
The conditions were perfect and Blue moon was surfing into the waves. Everyone on board experienced this exciting steering.
The cooking team prepared our treasure of the day, in the oven with a beautiful salad and steamed potatoes made by Margo and Katleen.
While we all set outside in the cockpit enjoying our fish with sunset , we reminisced  about yet another eventful day.

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