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Mairmade - Day#6

Is it groundhog day? I have plans for such days: Talk about our weather routing, our power generation/consumption on board, our sail plan, and many other such things... Those will have to wait!

Today was a fantastic day on board Mairmade. We sailed slow and steady overnight with just the main, but with good course to St. Lucia. With the crew well rested, Jeremy (the gennaker) came back out to play first thing in the morning.

We tried to combine the mainsail with the gennaker, but couldn't make that work so we furled the main and just flew Jeremy alone all day; Jeremy doesn't play well with others 🤪. BTW: He's also quite boisterous, and puts up a fight whenever we ask him to come inside when it's blowing 15 knots outside! 😂.

Another afternoon of beautiful weather brought fun in the sun. As Harry played at the helm, Claudia took the opportunity to read a book (with her eyes closed) on the side deck; Hugh and Russ resumed their fishing lure duel. Unfortunately the jury is still out on which lure is better as we both hooked up at the same time and landed a couple Mahi 😎

And then the real 'fun' started 😱

After flying all day, and literally as we discussed bringing Jeremy down, he decided he wanted to go for a swim. Almost in slow motion as the halyard blow from chafe (I had been expecting this after Chris T,'s lecture and watching that polyester line stretch in and out of the mast continuously for a couple of days), Jeremy gently glided off the bow and into the drink. It would have been quite an enjoyable sight had it not been for the immediate realization of what was about to follow 🤣🤣 With Jeremy safely back on board (thanks crew!), the mainsail is back out for the night. He may get to play again tomorrow morning, but the increasing winds tomorrow afternoon will likely keep him indoors for the rest of the crossing beyond that. Anyway he deserves a rest.

A broken halyard and a wet sail couldn't take anything away from a superb day had by all.

Spectacular day of sailing the Atlantic.


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