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Falcon - Crossing Day 7 - Halfway

Distance run 158 nautical miles. Miles to Grenada 1021.

Half-way day… whoop whoop. To celebrate, the skipper authorised firing up the generator and breakout of the galley electrics for toast (made from Bev’s delicious boat made bread yesterday) and Lunghi coffees… for himself. For Bev and Helm Monkey, it was dried ship’s biscuits as usual, but with added weevils as a token gesture of appreciation for getting us this far!

After yesterday’s fun and games at the bow gybing the genoa, skip finished off his third delicious real coffee of the morning, gave his chin a ponderous rub, then informed the crew he had had ‘another one of his good ideas’. In short, this required yesterday’s survivor party to suit up again, head back up the pointy end of the boat, and launch the Bluewater Runner (BWR)! The BWR is also known as Falcon’s ‘BFOS’ (Big *** off sail); setting this beast is akin to Captain Kirk telling Scottie in the engine room to take the Starship Enterprise to WARP speed 6… it is an exciting ride and we judged ourselves to be just within safe limits to join the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse on their gallop to armageddon! Naturally, this sail change required the same set of shenanigans with the spinnaker pole as reported yesterday - re-read that if you need reminding of the details of that particular short-stay break at Satan’s sailing guest house!

Now screaming along the waterway to hell at breakneck knots, we can kick back and plan our celebrations for reaching the middle of the Atlantic. As the exact timing of this seminal waypoint occurred during the night shift dark hours, our tot of celebratory rum has been rescheduled for midday today.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of Falcon World when all will be revealed of our offerings to Neptune for granting us safe travel across his kingdom.


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