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Maxim 46 - Log Day 4 Life on board

This was a great day! Sunshine, slow breeze, everyone settled a bit on board. Alex was sick the first two days, even though he has many years experience on large vessels. This was a different motion. We took the Parasailor up for an hour. Everyone knows now how to trim, All the lines are prepared for an easy change between Code 0 and Parasailor.

Even Lisa feels super comfortable on board and we picked up schoolwork again after 2,5 weeks of Christmas holidays. She follows a British program from Wolsey Hall Oxford. Highly recommended! Every day we follow the program through an app and can use it without internet too. When we arrive in st. Lucia we will upload our assessments for this period and the teachers will return with their feedback.

Agnes wrote some mails today to update our family at home. We might have to lower via Cape Verde than planned to get the right trade wind. From Tuesday next week it seems to pick up again. Thats the downside of joining a rally and other than how we sailed the whole time ( weather decides everything)
We have 1100l op diesel with us so can come quite far but might need a bit more. Let’s see the upcoming days. Still 542NM to go.

For the meals on board we have planned the provisioning during the week prior departure. Amazing butcher by the way! We really recommend it. Delivery frozen and sealed on board, and ready to use.

So far we have made Beef stew with green beans, Spaghetti Bolognese, Homemade bread ( only rising of the dough is a bit hard with all the movement), Eggs & Bacon for breakfast and we all fancy a tea/coffee with some biscuits at night :)
Lots of fruit on board that stay fresh for a longer time, but with the bumpy start we had some avocados and bananas smashed against the davits.

Yesterday was a welcome surprise with up to 18kn sop mostly the whole day sails up. We saw some boats on the radar. Many boats have the AIS off but the radar located them. 3 Tankers, 2 fishing boats, and 3 ARC boats crossed today. If we count the number of dolphins around us, the vessels are definitely the minority!
Shows at 9am and late in the afternoon are given. Managed to capture them from different angles. Every time feels like magic! We love to believe the story that dolphins carry the souls of old sailors, that guide us the way. (We do keep the technology on board, no worries)

At night, Alex and Lisa surprised us all with Tiramisu for desert! A great start of a quiet nightshift.

Written by Agnes Mazee

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