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Maxim 46 - Day 2

What a start at Departure day!
Finally we could set sail. Well, only out of the Marina with 2kn. We had to go into the wind and planned our strategy.
After the sunset we had a busy night. What we all discussed to do prior departure had to be done.
We had a squall but luckily only the rain over us. But wind picked up and we had our new record of 12.4kn SOG!
Clear spots of squally weather on the radar so we were all prepared. After a calm start of the night wind picked up and at 3pm the Code 0 was not furled in correctly and created a bag, so had to take it all down. Almost blew away! With full force Rien and Agnes pulled that thing down. Something for daylight to get it right again. Now get some sleep. We all had to find our routine.
During the day we had to untangle the downhall line. Was stuck around the radar reflector and couldn’t lower the main properly. Steady 20kn true so made miles again. Code 0 fixed and had it up for 3 times.
Alex our chef was still not 100% well from sea sickness and slept the whole day. Now better.

Had a small bonito at the end of the afternoon and now prepared sails for the night. Had a nice meal. Beef stew with long beans. Feels like Holland for a moment. Comfort food!
Gloves tomorrow! Hands are sore already :)

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