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Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #10 on the SUNRISE

Although our crew was put together randomly, it feels like we are a perfect match.
We all share the passion for sailing in its pure and old fashioned form.

Our philosophy:
The only reason not to sail is no wind at all.
And of course every single nautical mile under sail we are steering manually.

Winds weren´t favourable in the beginning of the rally.
We tacked on the day of the start until the wind died away.
Whenever a light breeze allowed it, we returned to sailing for a few more miles.
Close hauled, beam reach, wide reach, and only when our speed dropped under 3 knots we turned the engine on again.
It felt like a defeat to us when we had to use the engine for an entire third day in a complete lull.
So far we have only motored 237 miles and we believe that few other yachts in the cruising division have used the engine less than that.

Our weather routing expert back home in Hamburg opted for the direct rhumb line course from Gran Canaria to Martinique
It,s the fifth day now that strong easterly winds are carrying SUNRISE forward with good speed.
We try out different combinations of sails and sail trims to get the maximum out of her and hope to still climb up a bit in the ranking.

Wish us luck!

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