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Khamsin - Khamsin Day 11

A Cheshire Cat smile moon appeared at 3:30 this morning giving me a fleeting jolt as the first red glow looked initially like a boat then a ufo. Either way who expects the moon to rise at 3:30 am? A bit late I would have thought. It was a beautiful smile tho and Lewis Carroll’s cat could clearly be seen. And after it’s tardy entrance it didn’t hang about, shooting up into the highest sky within 30 minutes or so. Maybe I should have called this blog Ramblings of an Amateur Sailor… talking of which Joe just finished reading A Voyage for Mad Men (the Golden Globe race with Donald Crowhurst and Robin Knox Johnson amongst others). It instigated a lot of discussion! If you haven’t read it, lucky you you have the joy to come - it’s a fantastic read. Personally I think it was bad luck that our first squall that took out the Parasailor a) it didn’t look like any other squall I’ve experienced and b) it was the most violent of the squalls we have encountered so far. However another biggish squall last night shook the crew so we reefed in for the second consecutive night. But it’s unsustainable- it means we go far too slowly, spend the day desperately trying to make up for the slow night and our average daily speed is rubbish. We have no choice but to tackle the issue today… Joe has just spent an hour wrestling to reel in a huge lump of seaweed whilst lovely glistening blue/purple fish surfed the waves alongside the the boat very temptingly or more probably tauntingly. In retrospect I’m convinced they were laughing on the other side of their face! Anyway I’m secretly pleased it’s 1:1. Chickpeas for dinner. Yum!

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