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Emily Morgan - Day 2 - The lure of an Atlantic swim

In the early predawn hours of Monday, helicopters and coast guards in the distance were assisting with migrant boats in the vicinity of Gran Canaria. The glow from shore based lights and the navigation lights of other boats faded into the horizon. By sunrise Emily Morgan was in the centre of an enormous empty 12-mile circle of smooth grey sea. Captain Anna reviewed the weather forecast and decided on a southern course parallel to the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara and assisted by the Canaries current. Entertainment was provided by Bones who demonstrated the making of fishing lures. Brody concocted a version and set up the trolling line. We're still awaiting a bite. The calm conditions persisted. The sky cleared and the sea turned to a glassy navy blue. 'Engine off and swimsuits on!' decreed Captain Anna. The warmth and clarity of the Atlantic Ocean in November was an experience we revelled in. The subsequent sighting of a pod of pilot whales and later, a night-time show of bio luminescence along the bow wave and wake, ended a fantastic ARC day.



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