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Moonflower 3 - The French Navy

We’ve been treated to a milder 24 hours with some cloud cover, a much needed break from the scorching weather we’ve had this past week.

But the wind is up to its’ usual tricks again and progress has drastically slowed – frustrating with our finish line almost in reach. It goes to show how much climate change is affecting global weather patterns, as this time of year typically boasts reliable trades winds, rather than the huge inconsistencies we’ve been seeing.

In other news, we had a rather exciting encounter with the French Navy yesterday evening. Our dinner was rudely interrupted by a 200 metre destroyer vessel, rearing its head over the horizon, and coming up within a mile of our starboard alarmingly quickly. Luckily, we’re aboard a Croatian boat, so there were no ill tidings or friendly rivalry to speak of. James had a nice chat with their Skipper about the weather on the radio, and we waved them on their merry way.

We didn’t catch their name, so unfortunately we won’t be able to pass our readers over to their blog, but no doubt they’ll be similarly excited to have come across such an intimidating ship such as Moonflower 3 and it’s battle-hardy crew.

Please, everyone cross your fingers once more that the wind picks up!

Your Moonflowers


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