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Moonflower 3 - Chapter 3, Verse 12

This reading is taken from the book of Tropics, Chapter 3, Verse 12.  


And so, it came to pass that Moonflower continued its voyage across the Ocean of Atlantic. And upon the morning of the 16th day, still, there was no more wind. And the crew did weep, for it had now been a day and a night since last they moveth, and were beginning to fall unto madness.  

And Lo! The crew asketh their meteorologist, who’s name was Chris, 'Oh Chris, wherefore art thou wind? For it has now been a day and a night since last we moveth, and we are beginning to fall unto madness.  

Please giveth us some good news, oh Chris. For it is tragically hot and we are not moving.’ 


‘We have baketh a coffee and walnut cake, but still, the wind hath not cometh. 

We have sacrificed Jake to comical life jacket sunburn lines, and could literally fry an egg on his back… yet still, the wind hath not cometh.  

What else, oh Chris, can we now do?’ 


And Chris did answer the crew, ‘Oh ye of little faith! This lack of wind be parteth of the adventure of ocean voyages. Pray, be patient.’ 


So, the crew waited, and they watched many Disney movies, and baked several more cakes. And they asketh their faithful blog readers to cross their fingers and toes, that we get bloody moving today as its savagely hot and we’re fed up of going nowhere.  


Here ends the reading.  

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