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Kaizen - The glamorous life

When you flick through a glossy yachting magazine, you’ll be greeted with photos of models sunning themselves on the foredeck of super yachts. Aspiring yes - but not realistic. Instead, I’ll share with you an insight into my morning. I was woken by the whiiizzzzzz of Captain putting the fishing lines out at 8.15am. Groggy-eyed I headed directly for the coffee (my shift last night was 1am-5.15am). Having cleaned both bathrooms (“heads” in sailor language) I set about hand washing some much needed underwear. It’s Sunday, so I fried up a bacon and egg bonanza to keep the family contented. Then I joined the daily SSB long range radio call for a quick chat with our fellow ARC boats. The morning is finished off juggling the kids’ homeschooling whilst cooking a glorious ribeye steak with black truffle sauce, rice and vegetables for our Sunday lunch. There’s nothing like checking the internal temperature of succulent meat whilst having questions fired at you about the square root conversions of volume and cubic length. The kids are having a jolly time helping us keep watch, searching for whales, assisting with fishing, and watching way too much Netflix downloads.

And yes - we are back online on WhatsApp! Captain found the time this morning to rebuild the firmware on our Fleet Broadband satellite system. He thinks it died through rejecting the constant stream of requests for YouTube, Minecraft, Apple updates and the like. Having spent the last week on a horrendously slow Iridium connection, we are back online at beginning of the century internet speeds.


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