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Moonflower 3 - Squalls & Squids

Subject: Squalls & Squids

Friends, family and avid fans…

As we progress further West into the open seas, we’ve encountered our first “squall” – a localised micro storm of a burst of high winds and rain.

Aside from this however, the wind has been fairly low, dipping around 10 Notts, and progress has slowed. But we’re enjoying the sun, peace and Jake Usman’s superb breakfasts in bed.

A squid crept its way into the saloon in the dead of night – no doubt after the recipe for Chloe’s Pineapple Bottom Jeans Cake. Fortunately, it was apprehended by Cate, who returned it to the ocean empty handed.

Fish and crustaceans be warned: we will be doubling our defences, as we’re baking brownies later this week.

Tata for now,

Your Moonflowers


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