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Ydalir II - Log Day 6

Finally Friday! But Friday the 13th... We heard another boat calling on us and asking for Dan´s advice on a motor problem and on the VHF they could check that it must be something wrong with the propeller. At daylight, they could dive and see that the propeller was missing. Lost in the ocean. Luckily there is wind enough, but it is really scary to think about how lost you are far out on the sea with thousands of miles under you and as many miles to the next harbour. On the other hand it is good to get the experience, what to do in such a situation and how important it is to have spare parts on board.

Today we tried the genacker, just as a practice and then continued with the parasail. The waves are long and gentle and it is warm both day and night. The water temperature is 24.5. 12 degrees less than the body temperature, which we check every day. These temperatures give us the Midsommer feeling and we have some hering and potatoes and ”gräddfil” (sour cream) for lunch. It´s just lovely.

Normally we have one big meal on a day, but today we have to and Anders is making a spicy indonesian stew of iberico pork. Totally delicious.

We have been waiting and baiting for fish the whole week and finally today we catch a small mahimahi just before sunset. A perfect end of the day. We sail on, closer and closer to the Cap Verdes! Still 85 NM to go!


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