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Tohuwabohu - Day 5 Mythical creatures

Day 5 - Mythical creatures of the deep

I forgot to mention in day 4s blog about creatures of the sea, during one of the more dramatic moments on board the boat so far I feel that it’s appropriate to let any of the readers (other than Simone who has editors approval rights) know about .

I have mentioned that the skipper likes to test sail options throughout the day to find the best combination for the wind angle, apparent wind and speed. During yesterdays check with a double poled out code 0 and genoa, I was requested to go back to my cabin and collect a spray tin of WD 40 as the extension system on the pole had become stiff. I carried out the request and found the spray can “under my bed” (this appears to be the place where items that don’t have an actual home live in the stern cabin) as I collected and turned to return to the captain like an excited kliener Schwartz hund (small black puppy dog) that was eager to please his master that I became face entangled with a pair of Simones black knickers that had recently been washed and were being air dried outside my cabin door , the subsequent scene that followed with me wrestling to remove them from my face gained the attention of the the owner of the pants who clearly was questioning why I was in wearing her knickers like a necklace, needless to say the error was soon corrected.

It appears that Neptune is smiling on us as we had an uneventful evening, the wind has dropped significantly so Holger has taken the decision to motor. Although this is a rally, there is a timescale to arrivals and without the engine it was clear that our VMG would not see us in Cape Verde well after the Arc plus closing of the finish line. We had a very relaxed breakfast this morning and we enjoyed chatting to each other about our families at home, work, funny stories and future plans. The one thing that is apparently afforded to trans Atlantic crossings is the time to think about things, make life course corrections. The ARC Portugal rally, where we met allowed the same thoughts and we talked about some of our friends, Toby, Rob, John and Jane and others. The crossing may be about sailing and getting to the destination without engines, but it’s also also the other things that you learn along the way. Normally like with AIS, turn it of, turn it on and try again.

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