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Cloudy Bay - Day 4 and 5: more sailing

Up until now we had a great sail! Mostly goose wing configuration (jib on one side and the main sail on the other side) and this morning we raised the genaker for almost the whole day before the wind dropped to 4 knots. So, for now we are going by engine...

Two days of nice weather, wind and sun, have passed by and got us closer to Mindelo. Along the way we had ice cream, home-made pizza and burgers AND bucket showers, we all smell nice and fresh. Life is good!
We saw many flying fish and Kristian even got attacked by one during the night hitting the deck, poor fish!

We are surrounded by other ARC+ boats again on the plotter but can’t really see them on the horizon. It’s nice to hear everyone checking in on each other on the radio or just having a little chat about the weather forecast, sail configuration or tactics.

Today we decided to catch fish and we could already smell the fish taco’s for tonight’s dinner. We caught 3 fish, however all very small ones and therefore we did a catch and release procedure (read: they wiggled their way of the hook and got away safely).

Hope we will be able to sail soon again, most likely we will have the iron horse on all night...


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