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Cloudy Bay - Day 3: Still going strong!

Still sailing, and how?! Last 24 hours have gone by fast, with an average speed of 7+ knots. Surfing on some big waves where we even touched the 10+ knots quite a few times. And to top it of, I think we are gonna make it a tradition to have delicious dinners with the most beautiful sunsets in the background.

Last night was a dark and cold but clear night with bright stars and a lot of bioluminescence in the water. It is so cool to watch the glitter and little explosions of light behind the boat. Of course the one and only cargo ship around decides to have a close CPA with us to keep us sharp. Just two bright white lights and one green to show its presence.

The whole day we could see other ARC+ boats around us at the horizon, but during the night we lost sight and we are sailing “alone” again today, except from a group of dolphins that passes us in the distance...


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