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Ydalir II - Log Day 2 Ydalir II

The first night, Ydalir sailed fast forward and we kept the parasail up over night. For the crew on watch, it was a treat to enjoy the stars shining bright, even through the thin sail cloth. To sleep was somewhat harder. The water passed the bow with gurgeling sounds and the shackles klonked now and then.

After 24 hours we had sailed 161 NM. At noon though, the wind kept on rising and when it grew over force 7 we quickly had to take in the parasail. Our Viking hero sailors, Dan and Ulf went on deck and with all his strength and weight, Dan pulled the snuffer over the parasail. Then we hoisted the main and genuafock. At the same time we could gybe and correct our course a little. While changing the sails, a turtle passed by just a meter from the boat, but it was busy floating further.

At the first sight, we thought we saw a whale far away, but while we all were watching the continous movements, we noticed that it was a wooden boat, probably abandonded and out of control. We directly called all ships and the british international rescue service. Later we got call from MSRC Las Palmas, asking for closer information.
Far out on sea, food is important. Today we had our main meal at 4PM, enjoying pulled pork with coleslaw and a delicious lemoncake made by Ulf. We lost the bait once today and wéve got no fish so far. But swell is well and all is well.

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