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Next Step - 11th March 2020

Awoke to another day of good sailing. For a change the sun is shining and not hidden behind the clouds, let's hope it stays that way for a bit. We put out the fishing line again to see if we could catch a fish. The weather forecast looks OK for a couple of days but we will try and go a bit further South to keep with a good wind pressure. With no fish to supplement our diet it was back to the wraps, for a change we will have pate and salad today. As the afternoon progressed the wind got lighter slowing our progress a bit. We think it was Saorsa that crossed in front of us and from the SSB call this morning we know that we have other WorldARC boats that are not far away from us but none are coming up on AIS. With another day of no fish for supper we had a very nice meal of tinned meat and veg made by Nicole. Another day gone and we are back into the night watches.

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