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Domini - Log 5 - Temptations of the watch

It’s the middle of the night; the “Dog Watch.” I’m not sure why it’s called that, but it doesn’t sound good. The moon is full, the sea is shimmering and there is nothing to disturb the peace other than the gentle thump of flying fish knocking themselves out on the transom.

Unfortunately, Ju has just found a bar of chocolate in the fridge. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut - his favourite. He used to get his five a day from Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bars alone. And now it is beckoning him.

Perhaps if he had just one square…Did I say square? I meant line. Perhaps if he just had one line of chocolate…

One line’s not really enough though is it? One line just gives you the taste without really satisfying the craving. So two lines is really a sort of minimum. As long as you stop at two lines. Two lines is fine.


Crikey, where did they go? One minute they were on the table…Ah well - that’s enough for now. So long as he stops at two lines. Save the rest for tomorrow. Or later in the watch.

But it’s late, and he's tired. Actually it’s been quite as hard watch with that tanker coming so close. In fact when you put it like that, he deserves another piece. Pieces.

Oh no… 

Only half a bar left! He doesn't even remember having the last little bit. And that half bar is Lyn’s. So no more chocolate for Ju. It’s definitely not Ju’s chocolate. It’s Lyn’s chocolate.


Maybe she wouldn’t notice if he had one more piece? Hmmmm.  No…you’d notice a piece. One more line? If you folded the wrapper carefully you could make it look like there was still half….No….what is he thinking?  It’s Lyn’s chocolate.

That was close. But, when you think about it….she probably wouldn’t mind if he had just a little bit…she doesn’t even like Fruit and Nut that much. Not as much as him anyway.

Or maybe if he had ALL of it and hid the wrapper she might forget there was ever a bar there in the first place?

Aaaaah. STOP!

This is what can happen to a man in the middle of the night on a silver sea, with no one around, and there’s still an hour and a half to go till the end of the watch.

Will the chocolate make it?


I’ll let you know tomorrow.

To Santa Marta and Beyond!

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