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Challenger 1 - Crew blog Challenger 1 6/12/19

Well today started quiet well,breaking the 1000nm mark. After that we all went an complete our different duties. But my main duty is sleeping on deck which I feel sometimes has the most work. After my power nap woke up to seeing the first mate (Sam) climbing  up the mast (96ft) which was quiet scary. A little later after that we had some hotdogs for lunch which was prepared by two of my mates ( Hugo & Adonai) Which tasted great. But no one on the boat can beat Mr Jason's (NEIL) local dishes on the trip as yet. He makes some excellent dishes with fish, and I am someone who doesn’t eat fish at all. But so far so good we all cant wait to get into port in st.lucia. 976nm to go see u guys soon.

Flood - blue watch


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