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Karhammel IV - News from Karhammel IV

The wind reached us finally Monday 2nd December at 7:44 UTC : 14 knots, not that much but we haven’t see such figure since the gusty departure day on 24th November. 20 knots at 20:00.

Now heading 267°

Second refill of our small freshwater tank  necessary : unfortunately our water-maker refuses to deliver any drop of water. Bruno spending hours down in the bilge to find the cause, and tighten all fittings, with no result.

Tuesday second attempt to fix the water-maker, the problem is that air comes in: manual purge of the intake pipe successful. Tank filling completed.

Wednesday, batteries 100% full. Our towed generator working beautifully. Afraid it could boil out our batteries. The point is we cannot switch it out or remove the propeller out of the water without stopping the boat. Strategy will be using all equipment plus all lights if necessary.

Once more, water-maker not producing, intake pipe full of air, and bubbles coming. Probable culprit : the aft  location of the intake seacock. Installation of a water rationing strategy.

At 18:50 Gilbert noticed that the hydro-generator propeller had gone (we will report it had been eaten by a big fish, J). Power over production now solved. Development of a power rationing strategy (and hoping more sun for our small solar panels, 150) before using the spare propeller (this time with a rope and not a cable, so that it can be moved out of water). Christine reluctant because of the drag, she wants to be at the finish line soon.

Thursday morning, gust as the watch changes, involuntary gybe, our second chart reader attached to the binnacle flown away to the sea by the main sheet and Gilbert’s flight over the cockpit, no injury, oops !

Flying fishes at the menu (Christine received a salted shower as she was closing the fridge and the heeling allowed the bucket to fly across the cabin : last air travel of the flying fishes, LoL) , and the moon now lightening the night until 3:20. Now two reefs in the main to keep control at helm and jib poled out.

The Happy Crew, Karhammel IV



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