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Sweet Dream - Saturday November 16, 2019

The sun shone through the sparkling wet rigging and trees, and we began cleaning up. The repair guys showed up and began clearing away the old caulk around the mast boot. They worked all day, but didn’t get finished. After lunch we took a taxi to the giant mall. Culture shock! Ha! There are shops for everything you could imagine, very nice grocery markets, restaurants, and even the lowest price liquor store we’ve seen since Panama. We mostly did a reconnoiter run, with an all important phone data top up. We had received a SIM card from WARC when we arrived, but it was only one gig, and with all the weather research and emails to the boats out at sea, we blew through that gig in 20 hours flat. At the mall phone store we bought 30 gigs, now it’s lovely to have internet. Captain had a milkshake, and we headed back to the boat. Our taxi driver, Eric, was very entertaining. He caught us up on local politics, and wildlife preservation measures. We had an interesting traditional Zulu supper, fellowshipped with our fellow WARCers and turned in for the night.


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