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Layla - Steady as you go 17 Nov 19

As you all probably know, life on board pivots around watches, sail changes, food and sleeping.

Last night it was cold – not what we expected being so far down the African coast. We were all wearing our wet weather gear, hats and jumpers and in the small hours it was pretty chilly.
Early morning gave us some sun which put a smile on our faces but as I am writing we have a squall passing and it has gone cloudy again.

We breakfasted in the sun with eggs toast and bacon accompanied to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and Sailor by Rod Stewart…. :-) let’s just say we are going a bit retro today with the top 100 from 1975!

It seems our water conservation efforts are paying dividends with the tanks holding well even though our water makers seems to have stopped working… scores on the doors are showers 0 crew 5 shaving 1 crew 4!

On the subject of malfunctions yesterday our data connection died and today one of my cameras is playing up… we have managed to resolve those two and no doubt that Martin “Robo Crew” Blount will fix the water maker.

So we are making steady progress south at 7 to 8 knots and our aspirational target is to reach Mindelo by noon on the 20th giving us a fast turnaround for leg 2.



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