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Sweet Dream - Day 229 September 1, 2019

Today was the best in Darwin, so far. We accomplished a lot of little chores in the morning, defrosted our fridge and freezer, and had a chat with Peter, the wood wizard, who said he’d come by at 15:30 to have a look at our cabinet that Lars wants a door on. Christine arrived, with Dieter and Ursula onboard. We met them and then I set off to find the grocery market. On the way, Dani picked me up in her truck, and as she was doing some shopping, as well, we went to the Woolworths, picked up some goodies, and she brought me back to the marina. Easy easy! We ate a delicious lunch, took a good nap( we are trying to get acclimated to this roaring afternoon heat...napping helps!) Then Peter arrived exactly on time!! Most impressive! He discussed options with Lars, then went over to do the same for Niobe. After that we went to Mindil beach. Finally! We’ve been in Darwin three days, planning to go to the beach every day. So happy we finally made it. First stop was the boat show, nice chaps sold us a new small motor for our dinghy. Gave us a portable chilly bin, some finger warmers and even offered us beers! Gotta love this country! We strolled around the boat show, then moved over to the park next to the beach where the evening market was going on. We ate roasted corn and delicious pizza, washed it down with ice cold slushes, bought some miracle stuff to soften our salt water abused heels, then drifted down to the beach with hundreds of other folks and watched the sunset. Great fun, as hundreds of hands clapped as the orange ball sunk into the sea.


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