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Sweet Dream - Day 199 August 2, 2019

Border force...check
Bio security ....check
Sniffer dog....check
10:00a.m. Legal in Australia! All that cleaning and staging was worth it....they went over the inside of the boat with a powerful flashlight. We passed. Not one thing had to be removed! Afterward, we had to move the boat to the outer dock in 22 knots of wind! SWade came onboard to help us, and a whole village of folks on the dock caught us. Captain did a masterful job of getting us alongside in that huge crosswind, and our friends rallied and caught lines and tied us up. Yahoo! Once the boat was secured, we explored the options on land; chandlery, laundry, coffee shoppe with bazzman pie! Yum! We caught up with Ed from Aurora B and Glen from Danica 1.After lunch we walked the lovely beach just over the breakwater. We marvelled at the perfect skim boarding conditions, watched kite boarders zip back and forth, but encountered no other people. We saw two rainbow lorikeets swaying in a tree, came back to the boat, and went to bed early.


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