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Sweet Dream - Day 179 July 13, 2019

We were up at 06:00 anticipating an early take off from Musket Cove. It was a lovely morning and we made it out with enough water under the keel and time to spare before the ferry to Denaru ran. Right out of the marina we had 20 plus knot winds and rolling waves inside the lagoon. Boats ahead of us outside the reef were reporting wind in the 30’s. We shortened sail accordingly. It has been a wild ride all day. Nice, though, it did not rain, and we are positively barrelling along at a whopping pace. Tonight I look up at the waxing moon overhead and it seems to be doing a very agitated jitterbug dance with our mast as the enormous swell rocks us vigorously back and forth. Occasionally we catch a hissing wave just right on the stern and surf; topping out at over ten knots of boat speed. Woohoo! All day the sea has had the appearance of a wedding convention with frothy white trains on display all trying to be the best. In the moon light they are stunningly beautiful and seem even bigger than they did in the day’s brightness. We would never complain that today had been boring!


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