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Sweet Dream - Day 162 June 26, 2019

We came into Savu Savu behind a Chao Lay. The small dock was full, so we were put in a mooring ball in the creek. We tidied the boat, sorted out the sat phone WiFi router that took a day off yesterday. Now it’s up and running. Wow, the Folks at Ocens satphone support are great! Every time we call them for help they answer and HAVE the answer to our problem! We went from no weather grib and email access yesterday, to perfect access today with just one phone call. Went ashore and perused the stores. At one shop we met a lovely lady by the name of Jing-Jing. She is from Dandong, China, and encouraged us to visit there some time. This is one of the many perks of sailing round the world....all the wonderful people who inspire us to visit different places. Reconnected with Hans and Astrid on the Zwerver! Such lovely folks! How happy we were to see them again! Left our card at the TWO other Island Packet boats tied to the dock. Not often we see three IPs in the same place out cruising. Quiet evening with sweet wisdom shared from Paul and Debra and Peter and Nicky on Chanto. Can’t say enough good about the kindness of these precious folk. How lucky we are to be cruising in company with them! One of the silly things we purchased today was a “brain picker”, an implement used by Fijians back in the cannibal days to pick out the enemy’s brain and eat them, as eating with one’s hands was considered unclean. was ok to eat BRAINS, but only with a wooden fork. Personally, I would have loved a carved wooden bowl with mother of Pearl inlay, but Captain’s captivation with the brain picker triumphed. Weird moments on the Sweet Dream....


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