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Misto - February 7-8 2019: The parasailor is no more

At 3 am on the morning of Feb 8, with a coupe of cracks and sounds of tearing our parasailor ripped itself to death. The fabric in the top half has split right down both edges past the actual wing of the sail. We think that the fabric was just well used and its time had come. We've had the sail for over 5 years and it has been flown extensively - especially in the Pacific. We managed to snuff it and so we can take a look in Salvador, but I think that it is not repairable - or at least not worth repairing. It's really a pity as for the last two days we had better wind, 14-17 knots and were sailing along really well. Now it has dropped back to 9-13 knots and we are motor sailing with the gennaker. So we will be without a real downwind sail for the rest of our return to the USA. Hopefully most of that sailing will be broad and beam reaching. We are estimating arrival early on February 10 and I have to confess that I will be glad when this long, and slow, leg comes to a conclusion.
At 2/8/2019 10:35 AM (utc) our position was 12°48.72'S 034°05.10'W
Our course and speed are 267T at 5.7kts
Wind is 10.8 kts at 103T.

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