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Makara of Exe - Makara of Exe Panama Canal transit - February 6th 2019

We have been a bit tardy with our logs recently, in fact more than recently, but we have had so much to see and do that it hardly leaves time for tapping on a keyboard.

The San Blas Islands were terrific. A bit like Pacific islands but with the indigenous Indians still living on the islands, some the size of a suburban garden,

So first blog entry for PvR. Joined Makara at Shelter Bay ready to transit the Panama canal. Great experience climbing 26 meters up through 3 massive locks rafted together in three's. Our on board advisor for the transit a font of knowledge on Panama and its canal. If you want to sail your container ship from the Caribbean to the Pacific then you will need $1,000,00 in your wallet. Back down three more locks and into the Pacific Now in Panama City, which has a great old colonial centre, for a couple of days before moving on to the Las Perlas Islands for a few days.

Regards Makara

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