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Timshel - St Helena to Brazil Day 10

Sailing all day with cruising chute (spinnaker), making good progress with a bit more wind, hot and sunny. Boats have started to talk (on SSB) about which day they will get in but that's a bit premature for us as we have nearly 800 miles to go. Unfortunately the wind started to die away towards evening. The makeshift guy popped out of the pole end so we had to snuff the sail and rig a new guy - that one was chafing badly (it was an old rope). In the middle of this operation the AIS alarm goes off - a tanker is bearing down on us, the only vessel for a hundred miles. We called them on VHF and they agreed to give us 1 nm clearance. We took the sail down at sunset again, too little wind means it doesn't set and tends to wind itself round the forestay as the boat rolls, so we are making very slow progress under white sails wing and wing.

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