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Timshel - St Helena to Brazil Day 6

We have been following instruction from Weatherman/Router Chris Tibbs to go north for better winds. Decided that we were far enough north now and gybed onto port to go more directly on course for Salvador, sailing well with staysail deployed as well as main and poled yankee. 1383 miles to go at 1200, at least 10 or 11 days; we hope to arrive by Tuesday 12th Feb in time for the tour and party. Stocks of fresh food are somewhat depleted, but we still have a cabbage and a squash. There was a lot more available in the shops in St Helena than we'd been told to expect, though you did need to visit several small shops including a good butchers to get what you could, which was fun. What was lacking was fresh fruit, they just don't seem to have it so we are rationing ourselves to an apple or orange a day between us. You do need to eat stuff before it goes off of course, and after that we have tins.

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