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Jubilate Mare - Magic Monday

Tuna was enjoyed for lunch (sashimi with soy and wasabi) and dinner (seared) yesterday but the hoped for second fish is still eluding us.

However, after a number of hours under engine we are now happily sailing again. Kieron produced a fantastic breakfast of pink grapefruit juice, toast, mushrooms, bacon and pancakes. So that has got the day off to a cracking start.

Happy Hour continues to be a daily focus which takes a lot of planning and is always greatly welcomed by the crew. We are a happy bunch laughing and singing along to the CD of choice for the evening’s pre-dinner entertainment.

I will be sorry when this epic adventure comes to an end and our ‘boat family’ disperses across the globe. However, on the plus side, my friend Jeannie is flying out to be dockside to welcome us in and as long as the winds keep up we hopefully won’t miss her!


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