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Ngahue IV - Ngahue IV - Donner und Blitzen at sea

What could have remained an uneventful night at sea ended with some spectacular firework display: thunder and lightning only a few miles away from us, with several bolts of lightning hitting the sea surface about 3-5 miles out. Gulp!
A GPS, Iridium phone and h/h VHF were quickly dispatched into the oven - just in case. Chartwork etc. was brought up to (the latest minute) date too. And then we sat in the cockpit looking at this display of nature's power... It was a very calm thunderstorm, as thunderstorms go. Chalk that up for our bag of experiences at sea :-))).
Only minutes before I'd been listening to one of Mike Oldfield's albums called Voyager, quietly contemplating the big expanses of ocean that our mother Earth offers (yeah, yeah: and why do we call our planet Earth when 70% of it is covered in water...). The music and the wide black sea at night were pretty much in sync with each other.
After the thunderstorm, we were left with confused and weak winds, so we motored an hour - also to charge the batteries. Saturday just after dawn now sees us sailing again in a steady 13 knots of mainly southerly wind, nicely en route to Horta. Hurrah!!


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