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Blue Pearl - TAHUATA

Just for a day or two we feel like we are back in the Caribbean. We are
anchored in the Bay of Hanamoenoa at the Island of Tahuata only 8 miles
away from Hiva Oa where we arrived after our Pacific crossing. The Bay
is beautiful, a sandy beach with palm trees, lazy swells rolling in and
beautiful swimming and snorkeling. Calm waters for the first time in
many weeks.

And calm waters mean boat work can finally be done! So we have been
busy for the last day or so with nice relaxing breaks in between and
some nice socializing. Rally boats come and go, right now there are
about 6 of us here and we get together for drinks or help each other out
with boat jobs or issues. All quite cozy. We have started to buddy boat
with Peter and Anisa originally from Wyoming but now from Georgia. Peter
is a retired dentist and Anisa worked in his practice and they lived on
a working ranch in Wyoming. Quite an an enterprising and very nice couple.

Tomorrow we are moving north to the Island of UA-POU where we will plan
to spend a day or two before we go to Nuka-Hiva which is our next rally
stop. Jack and Collin will leave us there. They have been wonderful hard
working crew and we will miss them. Instead Adrian will join us. He is
from Switzerland and is currently crew on Christine another rally
participant who are meeting up with new crew members in Nuva Hika so
Adrian is available to join us. And so life goes on.

You will probably here more from Blue Pearl in a day or two. We miss you

Captain Ruud

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