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Lexington - Captain Bob: 03*. 32' north. 046*. 20' west

So I just finished a book, SPINELESS , THE SCIENCE OF JELLYFISH AND THE ART OF GROWING A BACKBONE. It is a book on marine biology and climate change. It really points out how much we do not know about the oceans of the world and our effect on them. My impression is that marine biology is similar to this trip. We have zipped around the world, over the oceans, thru vastly different cultures with very little understanding of our surroundings or of our impact on our environment. I will always remember Tanna and the people there. I spoke to a person who had been there three years earlier for a traditional dance celebration that we saw on our visit. Three years ago the people were dressed in traditional grass clothing. The men had a leaf wrapped around their penis and that was all. This year one person had on a Micheal Jackson T shirt and another person had a T shirt with a web site address on it. Everyone had tennis shoes.
Do we know our impact on their culture? Do we know much about the oceans beneath our boats. I think I read that 50% or more of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached out and dead. If we were driving down the road in Kentucky and saw 50% of the grass or corn or tobacco dead we would be alarmed into action. With the oceans we only see the beautiful top and do not see or understand what is going on in the whole ecosystem. My only point is that I am admitting my ignorance and will try to correct it a little.
May fair winds fill your sails with sustainable marine ecosystems

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