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Mischief - Heading for Hiva Oa

We have set off again on the longest leg of the trip, 3000 to Hiva Oa in the French Marquasas. We had agreat time in Galapagos visiting San Cristobal, Isabella and Santa Cruz. Wendy and I have visited before but that doesn't reduce the awe and wonder we experienced. Swimming with sharks, turtles, manta rays and dolphins can never get boring.

We said goodbye to Dave and Lisa and hello to Charlie Baynes. We are now 4 for the long passage with Trevor and Charlie on one watch and Wendy and I on the other.

The first 2 days at sea have gone well with over 300 miles covered across the tropical convergence zone or doldrums as I know them. Everyone is settling into the watch system and we are back to eating like kings and queens again. There was meant to be very little wind and we expecting to motor most of the way but we have only had the engine on for half an hour so far. In fact it was going to well this afternoon with the spinnaker up doing 8knts when it blew apart into shreds. It is a major repair which we cannot do at sea so will have to wait until Tahiti in May !!! Wendy doesn't enjoy it when it is up because it can be quite lively so she is not sorry. I must check for scissor marks in case it was sabotage. This is early in the trip to loose such an important down wind sailso it is bound to slow us down a bit but we have a code 0 so all is not lost. More importantly no one was hurt and the boat is ok so not that bad really.

Cheers Skipper

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