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Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl

MUYU would be successful anywhere in the world. Beautifully prepared and presented healthy food, elegant decor and great service. Just the perfect place to celebrate Laurie's memorable birthday. We were on Cristobal the Galapagos Island where we made landfall on Thursday of last week. We didn't expect such an elegant restaurant there.

The night of our arrival John , our crew member and new friend from Australia, grilled a beautiful chicken breast meal for us on the boat only to be surprised by a large seal joining him on Blue Pearl's aft deck. We soon learned that Wreck Bay, where we were anchored , is the home of more seals than there are Kangaroos in John's home country and they all love to jump on the boats anchored in the Bay.

We passaged to Cristobal from Contrador in the Panamanian Las Perlas Islands, the third leg of the World ARC Rally. We probably set a record by being disqualified for the third time from the leg's "race" element. This time we missed the start by a day to nurture the Captain's sinus infection. We were disqualified from the first leg because of our diversion to Aruba and from the second leg because of our delayed departure from Santa Maria due to our late arrival from Aruba.

It will be interesting to see if we can keep up this kind of performance.

The Galapagos with all of its natural beauty and eco focus is a bit of a challenge to visit, there are more rules to follow than there are seals in Wreck Bay and the freedom for cruise boats to roam around is limited to 3 of the numerous islands. Visits further afield require joining a local tour group. Nevertheless, being here provides a unique experience and we feel privileged to be part of it.

We have now just arrived at our second island (Isabela) where we will be until we move further along to our third Galapagos destination, the island of Santa Cruz.

In Santa Cruz our new crew (Jack and Colin) will come aboard and John and Lyn will leave us there. They will join a small tour group to further explore the Galapagos and then return home to Australia. We hope to meet up with them again soon. We were privileged to have them as crew and so pleased to have made new friends.

Captain Ruud.

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