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Lexington - Captain Bob: 1/27/2018 Fish Tale

We are making slow progress to Brazil. We have just enough winds to keep us from motoring but not moving as swift as we like.
Today I caught a fairly nice mahi mahi. Aurora was with in a mile or so. As I cleaned the fish, Aurora made their way close enough for us to pass a large (half a fish) fillet to Dan on the bow of their boat. Karen cooked ours perfectly. It was a nice diversion for the day. And we caught it early enough to share it and early enough not to interfere when Karen's dinner plans.
I will post photos of the fish and hand off. Yes, nobody in their right mind would pass two boats underway within 15 feet to pass fish fillets! Ken (captain of Aurora ) and I are not know for our normality.
May fair winds fill your sails with plenty of fish to share


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