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Hot Stuff - some final thoughs

As we approach the last days starboard watch (Josie, Rosie, Silvia and Janet) have been discussing our experiences, good and bad, and thinking about the things we will miss.

1) precariously positioning yourself in the heads, knowing one unfortunately timed heel will result in being slapped back with toilet water.

2) surviving the heads challenge, but busting out the side door towards the person in the forepeak with your pants around your ankles.

3) the never ending supply of cabbage to create some unusual meal choices, pasta pesto and cabbage....yum!

4) armpit hair wafting in the wind (without judgement!)

5) playing human Tetris to get between the cabin, saloon and deck.

6) the strange noises and the mouse that lives in the mast.

7) boat soap foot spas, authentic sea salt shower scrubs and Naomi's Hot Stuff hair saloon.

8) impromptu sing songs, stories and a hilarious lack of face management.

9) team work, from all hands on deck to the constant human chain of condiments

10) fantastic snacking, the discovery of haribo tutti fruitti and the glory of tinned fruit on a hot day.

11) the amazing meals rustled up under extreme galley conditions

12) The sound of the waves and time to stop and reflect on the year

13) The almost constant sound of laughter, even when it wakes you up at one am.

Oh......and Janet has loved it so much she is getting a tattoo of Hot Stuff on her bum!!

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