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I should report and log a major leak which filled the Mad Monkey bilges yesterday afternoon that left the crew very distraught - questioning ourselves should we continue to St Lucia…

Yesterday, at 1230hrs I had the task of 'bunk diving' (going beneath the bunks) and counting how many beers we had remaining for our arrival party into Rodney Bay. After counting to 20+ and getting through the first layer I noticed tins of Cruzcampo (beer) were covered in a brown sludge, both wet and sticky. After taking out a few more I realised the tins were swimming in a yeast-scented brown fluid. Then, after emptying the beer-bag, our fears were confirmed --- we found multiple empty tins… WE WERE LEAKING BEER. An invaluable sailor's commodity!

Whilst holding back the tears I removed the tins 1 by 1, to clean them, or in some cases put the empty tin(s) in the bin. An unforeseen silver lining was that some beers were actively spraying out their contents, thus not to waste any (as I've always been taught) and also to minimise the flooding, I took emergency measures and started to quickly drink them… This happened with a few tins (only the tins that were spraying ???) , but I did save the ship from flooding!

Looking back on the situation with the crew stress levels equalised, I can confirm that we will continue to St Lucia and still have enough beer to party!


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