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Rubikon - Day 19 - Of wind and waves

Having broken our light-wind-sail yesterday morning, we were not too unhappy with some stronger winds throughout the day. 20-24kn of NE winds continue to push us towards the Caribbean, with what we expect to be a record VMG for us.

Unfortunately the wind, and local squalls, also brought some high waves from all directions, making the overall ride a bit more bumpy than the last days.

The wind outlook for Sunday onwards still looks rather weak, so we are happy to cover some distance today and hope we do not have to use our engine too much to reach Barbados.

With most of the crew taking extended naps yesterday, this morning's breakfast was the first time we all sat together in a while.

Predictions for today's VMG (yesterday's was 6.2kn)
Kai: 7.6
Markus: 7.4
Chris: 7.3
Max: 7.5
José: 7.2
Alex: 7.3

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