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Nutcracker - ... 300 nm and counting...

It's a strange mindset when you regard 300 miles to go as 'nearly there' but indeed that is how we feel! The last couple of days have, for the first time all trip, provided the winds that we need to get there quickly and we've tried every sail configuration in the book to get to that Rum Punch as soon as possible. I also feel that we've reached a fantastic milestone on board, we managed to raise, fly and the douse the spinnaker with not a single wrap or rip in it. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks? It is just as well we're about to get there really, we're nearly out of frozen meals and we might actually have to cook for ourselves. Perish the thought. However, I would like to congratulate the lettuce and the cabbage for lasting three weeks, I feel like they've really pulled through for us. Thanks to those who sent in some conversation topics, some were funny, some were interesting, some were thought provoking and quite frankly some were explicit and will make me shudder for weeks to come. So what's been happening on board? Des went fishing and didn't catch any fish, I tried reading something intellectual and hated it, Steve successfully completed another crossword and the cabin boy, well I'm not sure what he's been up to. That's a real insight in to life on a yacht, and I can tell that's why you all read what I have to say. We've tucked in to the mince pies as well, must be feeling that festive spirit. I think it's safe to say we're all looking forward to being there, as we could tell exactly you how long it'll take at any different speed at any different hour of the day. Oceans, who'd cross them?

Skip xx

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