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Rubikon - Day 18 - Free showers and bye, bye Gennaker

Tonight mother nature decided to grant us a free shower. Having had virtually no rain for the last weeks it was nice to get some fresh water onto the boat to wash it

As predicted some nice winds arrived, which we thought would give us a nice fast ride towards St. Lucia. Unfortunately it seems that sewing the gennaker back together after we ripped in two parts in the first night has weakened the overall strength of the sail. And therefore we broke it a second time and this time -we believe- it is for good.

We are now back to sailing with our main and jib, which still gives us decent speeds, but slightly limits the angles we can cruise at with full speed.

With the wind forcast for the later part of Sunday and most of Monday looking rather bleak, we are considering a stop-over in Barbados until the wind picks up again. Additionally this would allow one of the crew to reach their flight home as well and give us the opportunity to discover the island and sample some of the local rum and nightlife.

Due to this we are heading on a slightly more southerly course, meaning we are unlikely to match yesterday's VMG of 6.3.

Today's guesses are as follows:
Max: 6.5
Kai: 6.0
Chris: 6.1
Alex: 6.0
Markus: 6.5
José: seems to be nearing the final stages of the Mexican Sleeping sickness and is therefore asleep.

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