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Rubikon - Day 15 - No news is good news

As we continue our journey towards the west, not much new is happening. Overall atmosphere on the boat has improved again and we continue to relax, read and listen to audiobooks/podcasts etc.

Lunch was a lovely combination of pork and potatoes, as we continue to reduce our meat-supplies to be able to switch off the power-hungry freezer soon.

Winds were favorable with us reaching speeds up to 7.5kn and more, with large waves pushing us from behind. During the night we met an old acquaintance, a boat called Beta Persei II that left Cape Verde together with us and we had not seen in a week.

Our AIS seems to be a bit dodgy still, with targets appearing late and infrequently, but at least we still get collision warnings.

VMG predictions for today in knots (yesterday's was 6.0kn):
Kai: 6.4
Chris: 6.4
Alex: 6.2
Max: 6.3
Markus: 6.8
José: 6.3

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