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Rubikon - Day 14 - Köfte-coma, a jibe and a bird

Sunday afternoon continued as relaxed as the day started. We decided to head on a slightly more southern course to catch better winds and therefore moved our sails over to the other side, for the first time in almost 48 hours.

Before eating a load of Köfte (middle-eastern-style meatballs) with bulgur and hummus and subsequently canceling our training session for the day, a round of cards (Skat) seemed in order.

Beyond that we realized that we had not seen a lot of wildlife since passing Cape Verde (where we were escorted by a group of dolphins for the better part of an hour). What we are incredibly surprised about is the amount of birds that seem to live this far out at sea; With about 1500nm to go in each direction towards dry land, it seems odd as to where they would breed and rest. 

With the wind picking up slightly, our daily VMG prediction is as follows (kn)
Kai: 6.0
Alex: 6.1
Chris: 6.2
Markus: 5.8
Jose: 6.2
Max: 6.3

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