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Infinity of Yar - Blog 9

Infinity of Yar.
Blog entry No.9
Date: Saturday 2nd November 2017
Location: Lat: 17.00 /Long: 37.24
Good morning from mid Atlantic. As I write the countdown log says we are 1360 miles from St Lucia. As the clock counts down like a giant diary in reverse we have a sort of on board quiz to mark significant dates in history. We have long since passed backward through the second and then the first World War. Queen victoria has been and gone; the Battle of Trafalgar and then the great fire of London have been left in our wake. "Oz" Henderson pointed out 1770 as we passed it as the dates that Captain Cook discovered Australia (although apparently, rather inconveniently, it had already been discoved by the Aboriginees - but that's another story!). We are looking ahead to the The Battle of Hastings and getting down to three figures - more to follow.

A missing chart of the Atlantic Ocean (reasonably critical you might be forgiven for thinking) has turned up having been AWOL since we left Gran Canaria. It had slipped down beside the bunk in the forward master cabin - luckily we had a spare that was intended to be marked up later for posterity.

Now readers, I had promised to reveal how the disparate characters that make up this crew are developing after nearly two weeks at sea in the close,but comfortable, confines of our 44ft yacht. Your ever vigilant author has been keeping a careful eye on how things are shaping up and will share with you now some of my notes. Nobody will be spared, except the author himself of course. The power of the pen affords your author the privilege of observational comment whilst avoiding judgement of himself - except, of course, by your good selves dear readers.

Here goes: "Buzz" Davey, our revered Captain, has kept a steady but firm hand on the tiller of shipboard life. Always polite, he is none the less  entirely without ambiguity when we fall short of expected standards. Not yet Captain Bligh, but there are signs that he might harbour aspirations in that direction.

The Navigator: The mathematician in "Oz" Henderson is never far below the surface and he is never happier than when he has his hand on his sextant.Graced with a light touch on his instrument (steady!) he has achieved sightings putting us within a couple of miles of our GPS fix. Should 'Rocket man' press the button and the Americans turn off the satellites we will still find St. Lucia I am reliably informed For your further edification, readers, I can reveal that the boat speed x Cosign of the angle between the actual course and the plotted course 
will give you the velocity made good (VMG) - apparently!!

Foredeck 1: "Nemo" Davey. Nemo has morphed into Battery Boy - it turns out that he is a frustrated Volvo Ocean Racer and is determined to eek out the last 1/4 of a knot from his father's yacht even if it is not in the right direction. Bursting with energy like an overcharged EverReady battery Captain "Buzz" is constantly trying to keep the lid on his box. From time to time "Battery Boy" escapes from his box and careers unleashed around the deck like a bull on steroids in a Royal Doulton showroom. When we do manage to harness this energy and direct it in the right direction he is an invaluable asset.

That's enough for now, readers. Next time we will look at Tactician and Head of Fishing: "Kipper" Kearns who has enjoyed some highs and lows with his fishing exploits and Foredeck 2: "Step Aboard" Davey whose culinary expertise has on a number of occasions been required to rescue some of the less talented amongst us in the kitchen.

Until then:
                   " To Infinity & Beyond "

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