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Blonde Moment - Blonde Moment blog 5 monday 27th Nov

Good morning to you, it's gone midnight and we're on watch for the "witching hour" being guided by the path of the moon and some dolphins. The stars are very clear and bright in the sky and we're heading 265 degrees at nearly 8knots of boat speed with 15-18knots of wind finally behind us at last;
Have we found the trade winds now we've turned the corner to head for St Lucia!?
Yes we all say and now the race is on (of course not, this is a rally!) and Blonde Moment is showing us what she's capable of
We have her staysail up as well as poled headsail and full main so we're making good progress at last with a VMG average of 7 knots!

Mad Monkey are hard on our tail as they have been for the last few days now, is there a naughty mole (or maybe Hamster!!!) out there passing on secret information!!!?

What have we been doing since our last blog?
We had another swim, longer this time and all four of us abandoned ship for a very welcome dip on a very hot day with no wind, with ice-creams after for our 1,000 mile treat..... yummy!

After changing sails a few times to try and make some headway, the wind finally picked up to what we have now and we've been enjoying a fabulous day of downwind sailing sending shoals of fish flying out across the water... amazing! Apparently these fish can "fly" up to 20m high and 1,000m in distance! ( zoe are you sure about that?)

We're going to put the boat clock back an hour tomorrow, preparing for the time change of 4 hours difference in St Lucia, still some 1,800 miles away!
Off to make a cuppa now so Good bye for now!

Blonde Moment out!

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