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Passepartout - Dry times and a dud dunny!

We are through the pain and suffering (exaggeration) of days of 30 to 37 knot headwinds after our retrospective fruitless detour northwards in our quest to stay in wind and avoid becalment at all cost.

What we didn’t count on was the development of a belatedly predicted second low. Since then, a third low has materialised to our north confirming our decision to go south as being the right one as we pray to the bust of Ganesh above the cockpit!

So, we have made miles south - all to windward - in a new attempt to cross a rigging barrier of light air at its narrowest point. This weather routing can do your head in.

Crystal gazing....We’re hoping to pop out of this light air ridge and poke our nose into fresh trade winds where we can hoist the spinnaker and start making fast downwind miles.

We are ghosting to windward in full sunshine on course for St Lucia desperately trying to recover the miles we have lost to our southern competitors. We have had swims, rinsed brine from our thermals, dried the boat out, repaired a galley draw that had cannon shot across the cabin floor and done a jury rig to the dunny. As our 26 year old comedic crew dryly deducted while we discussed the cause of this breakage... “too many old fat blokes taking a dump in 37knot headwinds while spearing off waves”!

So to the relaxing tones of ghetto rap, fishing lines trawling in our wake, French lessons for the Australians and English lessons for the Frenchman and Passepartout looking more like a washing line than a yacht we’ll sign off for now.

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