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Mad Monkey - FISH FISH FISH and a rough night at sea

Day 6 of the Mad Monkey ARC crossing, and each one has been different!
We have sailed in 3-4 knots of breeze both up and down, sped up, caught fish, deck showered, reefed and sunbathed all in the last 48 hours; all with smiles and laughter on board. (Note to self: we must work on the quality of the skipper's jokes).
A lovely dorada of around 3kg was successfully landed, leading to some creative knife skills at the pushpitt, and of course the inevitable detritus and debris to wash away - so out came the powerful seawater hose! After washing the deck clean, it was time for the crew to spruce up themselves, so as might be imagined, the back deck became awash with soap and fun and games which the high-pressure hose jet ensured. As a result, we all ate really simple, fresh fish AND the grand bonus was that the crew smelt lovely too! In the past 48 hours we have caught 3 dorada.
Now we all know the rule that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so why would we be surprised that some 12 hours later found us to be over on our ear, being churned around like a sock in a washing machine, getting minimal sleep for the next 30 hours!
Heading south on a mission to avoid the 40kt gale which the big area of low pressure had in store.
Written by Jon

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